Integrated Wealth Planning Services


We recognize that clients place great trust in us, and we work to provide responsible stewardship and wealth management excellence. We help clients put strategies in place to address a number of financial needs, including:
Investment and asset management1
  • Receive the benefits of quality professional advice and guidance based on your unique needs, goals and investment time horizon.
Municipal bond investing2
  • Diversify your portfolio, reduce volatility, and lower your taxable income.
Socially responsible and impact investing
  • Invest for your goals while also making a positive impact on the environment, society and your community.
Retirement income planning
  • Secure your retirement with an array of retirement plans, including: self-directed IRAs and rollovers, Roth IRAs, Simplified Employee Pension (SEPs) and Keogh plans, SIMPLE plans for small businesses, and 401(k), pension, and profit-sharing plans.
Estate and legacy planning
  • Help preserve your estate and reduce potential exposure to estate taxes and probate costs. Create a wealth legacy for your children and your grandchildren.
Education funding
  • Project college costs, estimate the funds needed and identify the best product to help save for your child or grandchild's education.
Life and Long-term care insurance
  • Help protect your family, your home and your retirement savings by integrating life and long-term care insurance into your financial plan.
Business transition services
  • Develop strategies especially designed for corporate executives and closely held business owners leveraging our 110 years of combined professional experience and knowledge.
Philanthropic and charitable gifting
  • Simplify your gifting and maximize your charitable impact by developing and executing strategic wealth transfer tools.
Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Control personal finances by developing budgets and cash flow projections to help maintain financial discipline, set spending goals and track actual expenses so periodic course corrections can be made.
Intergenerational planning
  • Implement a plan designed to help preserve your assets during your lifetime, and provide ongoing financial continuity, and then control the distribution of your assets at death.
Lending and trust services
  • Lending and other banking services are available through Raymond James Bank. Trust services are available through Raymond James Trust.
1 Diversification and asset allocation do not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. Technical analysis is only one form of analysis. Investors should also consider the merits of Fundamental and Quantitative analysis when making investment decisions
2 Income from municipal securities is generally free from federal taxes and state taxes for residents of the issuing state.  While the interest income is tax-free, capital gains, if any will be subject to taxes. Income for some investors may be subject to the Federal Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).


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